Animals We Care For

Healthy Companions Veterinary Clinic uses a total wellness approach when caring for your pets. We care for dogs, cats, birds, ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, chinchillas, rats, mice, parrots & parakeets. 

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Services We Provide

Preventive Care | Behavior Coaching | Individualized Vaccine Protocols | Complete Surgical & Dental Facility | Anesthetic Procedure Nurse | Care and Surgery For Birds and Small Mammals 

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Products We Sell

Healthy Companions provides all natural supplements and nutritional products. We have herbal and holistic therapies available. Some of the brands we carry are Natura, Innova, California Natural, Wysong and Harrison's Bird 

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Welcome to Healthy Companions Veterinary Clinic!

At Healthy Companions we use a total wellness approach when caring for your pets.  We focus on your pet’s well being – mind, body, and soul.  If you feel as we do, that your pet is unique and deserves the best care, then Healthy Companions is the right choice.  We are unique in our commitment to the right care for your pet.  We take the time to talk to you about what you want and what makes sense for you.

We individualize your pet’s treatment based on your pet’s needs.  We value your input and design the treatment to meet both pet and pet-parent’s needs.  No two situations are alike and no pet- parents are the same.  Your pet’s treatment and our veterinarian care revolve around what is best for your pet and you.

If you are looking for a Janesville Vet that cares about your pet and you, then you have come to the right place!

At Healthy Companions Veterinary Clinic in Janesville, we can help you to design a pet care plan that fits with your lifestyle.  Pet owners are as unique and individual as their pets.  You may have a holistic lifestyle or may want to all of your pet products to be organic.  Perhaps you prefer herbal and natural remedies for yourself and your pet.  At Janesville’s Healthy Companions Veterinary Clinic we respect your lifestyle choices and can support your pet’s health care with alternative veterinary medicine.

“We are committed to education of our clients for the total wellness and Natural management of their companion animals.”

Our promise to you is a Total Wellness Approach in caring for your Healthy Companion.

Healthy Companions in Janesville, WI is an authorized Harrison’s Bird Foods ® and AVIx Natural Avian Care Products dealer. Harrison’s Bird Foods ® are certified organic.  Why is this important to your bird?  The term “certified organic” can only be used when the entire process of growing and manufacturing of the ingredients are approved by a third party agency.   This ensures that your bird is getting truly organic food.  Don’t be fooled by claims of “all natural” or “organic”.  These terms are not verified and can be misleading. Birds are very sensitive to pesticides and other chemicals used in some…

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Holistic Pet Care At Healthy Companions Veterinary Clinic in Janesville, Wisconsin, we respect your lifestyle choices and understand your commitment to raise your pet with the same values that you have chosen for yourself. We can guide you to the right products to assist you with assuring that your pet maintains the proper nutrition they need to keep healthy while keeping true to your lifestyle. With a whole foods Diet, there are specific needs that you must address.  A whole foods diet for your dog will require careful planning to assure that it contains the correct amount of protein, calcium…

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Understanding and modifying your dog’s behavior can be the difference between a great relationship with your dog or a constant frustration for both of you. Dogs have personalities and emotions unique to them.  However they are not the same as human emotions.  To understand how to train your dog, you must learn how a dog relates to their families and how they respond. Dog and puppy behavior can be as a result of environmental or medical conditions.  To rule out medical conditions, you should have complete physical examinations to make sure that your dog is not acting out because they…

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